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Top Rail Mess

From Corporal Si Klegg and His Pard

The Top-Rail Mess is composed of fellas from Southwest Tennessee, and North Mississippi. We try our best to progress as much as possible to correctly portray a Federal soldier of the Western theatre during the Civil War. Some of us are also members of other such organizations, and one of us is even a Cracker Company member.

For those who don't know, "Top Rail" means #1, or first class. This is why it is our will to strive to be first class. We want to try harder and harder to better portray the Federal soldier. We desire to learn more and more about what it would have been like, as far as it is possible to go. We are not self-proclaiming that we are better than anybody else. Simply, we proclaim that the Top Rail is where we wish to be. This is why we strive for that.

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