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Crawford's Farm
Crawford's Farm
January 11-13, 2002
(near Middleton, TN; west of Shiloh; off of Hwy 57)

      This event is run, and sponsored by the Top Rail Mess.  It is an invitation only event, but do not let that discourage you from asking for an invitation. We do everything we can to see that you will have a good kit at the event. It is structured to educate the new recruits into this hobby in the basics of picket duty and the like, while on outpost. We have set up the command structure in a way that will aid these new recruits in their steps to becoming fine-tuned  living historians. Also, it is structured so that the "regular 'campaigner/progressive/hardcore' " will benefit from this as well. It gives practice and endurance through the elements, and through the duties expected of a soldier.

     There will be a ration issue, as well as an issue of ammunition, which is awesome looking. Because of this, we do ask for $8. This is to cover the cost of the food rations, powder, and caps, but not our labor; that is free.  

     We do a typical western Federal impression, and more specifications will be given personally through e-mail or by phone. If you are up to the challenge, e-mail us, and just ask. Although, we do need some more Confederates to oppose us. If you are interested in either, e-mail us here or call Timothy Arnold @ (901) 757-4808.

At this time, the command structure is;

Timothy Arnold
 Zach Bauer
 Preston Todd
Tony DiMaiolo

To give an idea of what some of the land looks like, here is a picture of one of the rifle pits.

We hope you are interested. The out come of this event will determine, how often we do this. Hopefully it will turn out great.

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